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If you have any enquiries or worries before your scan appointment please call us at the number given on the front of this brochure. The nurse at reception will be pleased to help in any way possible.

On the day of your pet’s scan, our highly qualified team of veterinary surgeons and nurses together with the radiographer will be on hand to look after your pet. It is our usual policy to go through the scans with you at the time your pet is returned to you. A complete report of the results will then be sent to your regular veterinary surgeon. Your pet may need to stay with us for further treatment.


Please inform us if your pet has a microchip implanted. These chips are not affected by the magnetic field but do show up on the scan and could be misinterpreted.


On your arrival at ChesterGates for your pet’s appointment, you will be asked to sign a consent form and possibly be advised to have a pre-anaesthetic blood test performed on your pet. You will be met by a member of the team who will assist you. You may have a consultation as well. The scanning procedure will be explained to you at this time.


Once weighed, your pet will be taken to the hospital ward and made comfortable. A pre-med sedative may be administered at this time.


Your pet will require a general anaesthetic or sedative for the scan. The reason for this is that your pet must lie still throughout the scanning procedure. Examination times vary depending on the region to be scanned. A veterinary surgeon, nurses and an anaesthetist present while scanning is taking place. The scan is completely painless. For certain conditions an injection may be necessary to help see or highlight the problem. This injection is safe and should cause no after-effects.


Although your pet may only be in the scanner for a relatively short period, he will need time to recover from the anaesthetic. We are concerned for all of our patients and devote the time necessary to each one to scan him properly. Please expect your pet to be with us for the whole day.

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