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At ChesterGates Veterinary Specilaists we are firm in our belief that a specialist anaesthesia and analgesia service is vital for the well-being of patients. The role of the specialist anaesthetist goes beyond providing the individual anaesthesia protocols for seriously ill patients to pain management to help keep them comfortable while on their road to recovery.

Patients at ChesterGates benefit from 24/7 care provided by both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.

The services is run by our two specialist anaesthetists Miguel Martinez and Alex Dugdale it includes:

Routine cases

  • Anaesthetic protocols for all patients who require anaesthesia
  • All cases monitored by veterinary nurses
  • Sophisticated monitoring equipment including ECG, pulse oximetry, capnography and blood pressure measurement

Anaesthesia for the MRI patient

  • Years of experience in MRI anaesthesia has led to thousands of patients successfully anaesthetised for MRI
  • Special MRI compatible equipment
  • All MRI cases individually monitored by a dedicate nurse.

Critical Care and the ICU

  • Special facilities for the critically ill patient including oxygen cages, ventilation facilities and extra large cages to allow staff complete access to the recumbent patient
  • Plans for emergency care provided for all patients in ICU are overseen by the anaesthesia team
  • Dedicated ICU nursing
  • Laboratory facilities including blood gas analysis
  • Experience in dealing with trauma cases, neurology cases and medical emergencies Intensive Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit for the care of very sick patients. The Pain Clinic
Help for pets with chronic pain.
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